Summer Online Science Camp

If you're not familiar with e-Camp, here's what it is and what it will do for you and your kids.
e-Camp is an all-out totally fun AND educational online science camp (Grades K-8).  It covers really fun stuff like rocketry, robotics, astronomy, flight labs, chemistry labs, and more.   It includes step-by-step video instructions and the activities use everyday objects around the house.   

There's also an Advanced eCamp for Grades 9-12.  In the Advanced eCamp, kids learn to build more complex rockets, a wireless FM transmitter, Laser Communicator, R.O.V. Robot, Police Siren and more.  Again, using mostly things you can find around the house or easy to find things from Radio Shack.

Each lab has a materials list so you can start collecting the items before the classes starts.  The other nice thing is that you can go at your own pace, watch videos in any order and go as fast/slow as you like.
Plus, It's designed so kids can do it on their own - just set them up and they'll be engaged for hours.  So it’s perfect if you don’t have time to work with your kids, or if science isn’t really your thing. 
If you want to keep your kids' learning this summer, but you also want it to be totally fun, this might just be the answer.
As a parent, you can feel good because even though they're having a total blast, they're actually learning good solid science.
Our family participated in eCamp last year, and I can tell you that Super Charged Science really over-delivers.  We didn't do all the activities, there were too many to choose from, but we did A LOT OF THEM!
Registration for e-Camp 2014 is only open for 3 days, until this Thursday.
Click the link below now to learn more and to register:
I know your kids will have a great summer in e-Camp!  Click the link to watch the video presentation, then select the yellow buttons below the video for more information.


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