Air Flow

You can't see wind or air, but you can see the effects of it, like when you're blowing out a candle.   We did some experiments today to see how air flows.

First, we observed how air flows when we blow in the general direction of a lit candle.   Then we started to experiment by placing objects between the source of the air (mouth) and the flame.

We documented our observations and then developed a question and hypothesis:
*  Question:  Can you blow out a candle with a (1) rectangular (2) round object in front of it.
* Hypothesis:   The kids each had their own hypothesis for each of the 2 scenarios.

Scenario 1:
We placed a rectangular box in front of the candle.

Scenario 2:
We placed a glass bottle in front of the candle.  Then we adapted the experiment by adding another bottle to make it more interesting.

Drawing our experiments on the board was helpful in developing explanations for the phenomenon and drawing conclusions.

No experiment is complete without proper documentation

I use these Generic Experiment Worksheets that can be used for any Science activity.

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