Private Universe Project in Science

Despite a lifetime of the very best education, students are failing to learn basic science concepts.  Many graduate from prestigious Universities with the same misconceptions that they had in grade school.

These free workshop videos are based on the mind-blowing award-winning video "A Private Universe" in which Harvard graduates, professors and Alumni are interviewed leading to the shocking discovery that even the brightest students do not grasp basic science concepts. 

You can watch the original video, "A Private Universe" for free here.

Below are a listing of the workshops in the Video series:

Workshop 1:  Astronomy - Eliciting Student Ideas
Workshop 2: Biology - Why Are Some Ideas So Difficult?
Workshop 3:  Physics - Hands-On/Minds-On Learning
Workshop 4:  Chemistry - A House With No Foundation
Workshop 5:  Vision - Can We Believe Our Eyes?
Workshop 6:  Energy - Where Should We Start?
Workshop 7:  Environmental Science - Taking A Risk
Workshop 8:  Progressive Education - Finding Solutions That Work
Workshop 9:  Constructivism - A Vision For The Future

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