Anatomy of the Heart and Bood Circulation

We've been reading various books about the heart and blood circulation.  To help understand how the blood circulates through the body, we drew a diagram on the board.

We studied the anatomy of the heart and completed some fun worksheets that you can download if you like.

Last month, during Halloween, I picked up a rubber heart at our Dollar Store.  We don't participate in Halloween, but I thought it a nice resource for our Human Anatomy lessons.

Studying the blood flow through the heart was tricky, but once we drew it on the board, the kids understood the process.  This turned out to be much more fun than just looking in a book.

Make your own stethoscope with 2 funnels, plastic tubing and a balloon.  Make sure the balloon is stretched very tightly over one of the funnels.


The kids had a blast listening to their heart beats.

We also calculated our heart rate in various positions and after various activities.

Download the free resources here:

I hope that sharing our hands-on science lesson with you has inspired you to also make science fun in your home!

I find that doing a variety of activities to incorporate all learning styles, (auditory, kinesthetic, visual, etc.) really helps.  Below is a few videos to further enhance the lesson.

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