Making Gloop

There's nothing more exciting than sinking your fingers into a big blob of slimy, blubbery Gloop!

We learned about polymers in Chemistry class today.  Polymers are long chains of molecules.  Glue is a polymer with tiny molecules that are connected to each other to form long chains.  When combining liquid glue to liquid starch, the starch encourages the "cross-linking" of these long chains of molecules.   

So, all the polymer glue strands become linked together, creating a big blob of Gloop!


Liquid Laundry Starch

Food coloring (optional)


1.  Pour a bit of glue into a bowl. 
2.  Add a few drops of food coloring if you like. 
3. Add the liquid starch a little bit at a time.  You will need more starch than glue. 
4.  Keep mixing.

Initially it will just be a gooey, sticky mess...

The more you mix it and work it, the more "blobby" it will get.   Add more drops of starch as needed.

Within a short period of time you will end up with a blob of Gloop that will not stick to your hands.

Then the fun begins!!!

You can store the Gloop in a plastic baggie.

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