Scratch Progject: Flower Maker

People have been asking what kind of stuff kids can do with the Scratch computer programming software, so I did some research on how to share some creations.   

Below is a project by my son, age 7, which he created from scratch with Scratch.  :)  He called it "Flower Maker" and it is featured in the Art section of MIT's Scratch website this month (June 2013).

Flower Maker  (Animation)
Click on the green flag, then press the space bar....

Below are a few advanced projects created by other students:

Virtual Dog:  (Game) 
Click on the dog food in the living room and onto the water bottle to fill the feeding bowl.  In the beauty salon, you can click on the things that will attract the dog.   In the lower right corner is a map on which you can see where you can go,  but you cannot go to the village. I'm sorry.  Have fun!

Penguin Sports Game
Click on the green flag = start over
Space = hit ball
Left/right arrow keys = Move left/right

Flower Creator
Select the number of petals on the slider and press the selected color.

Lazer Beetle Game

Scratch is a free educational programming language and multimedia authoring tool with which students can program their own interactive stories, games, and animations.  
The Scratch website has a lot of tutorials on it, however I've discovered a fantastic free Video Course series by a group of academics, students and staff members of the La Salle Schools and Universities.  It's called Learn Scratch.
Scratch is geared towards students aged 8 - 16, however my 7 year old son has been independently exploring the possibilities of the program for months now.  Since we discovered the Video Courses at Lean Scratch, he has been flying through those on his own and creating amazing Scratch projects. 

You can download the free Scratch software here.
The free video course tutorials through La Salle are available here.

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