Paper Airplanes

For Flight Lab we've been doing lots and lots of experiments on flight, the 4 aerodynamic forces (lift, thrust, drag and weight), air pressure, and more.

Among other things we've made a bunch of different kinds of airplanes:

Today we planned a field trip to our local park to try out the different planes.  

We tweaked each plane considering the 4 Aerodynamic Forces. 

Then we compared the various planes' flight distance to find the most aerodynamic design.  


*  I created a handy worksheet for the kids to record their data and compare the flight distance of each airplane.  You're welcome to download yours here.  
*  Here is a free instruction sheet on how to fold a Basic Dart Airplane.

I frequently receive inquiries from folks who want to know what sources we use for science, so I try to include a source with each experiment.  This particular Flight Lab is part of the Supercharged Science curriculum.  This is a fantastic video based curriculum with loads of fun activities using things you can mostly find around the house. 

If you're interested in giving Supercharged Science a try, you can enroll for just $1 for 30 days which gives you ample time to determine if the program will work for you.   30-Day Trial for $1    


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