Investigating Acids and Bases we pulled the red cabbage indicator liquid out of the refrigerator that we created last week in preparation for a fun experiment in determining the pH of various liquids around the house.  

I also created a data sheet that includes a red cabbage indicator color strip for the experiment.  You can download your for free here.

Here is a photo of the various liquids the kids wanted to test.

Pouring the red cabbage indicator liquid and watching the color changes was the most fun.

The colorful result was very interesting.

You can download this free data sheet if you like.

You can find more information on how to create red cabbage indicator liquid, and how to execute this experiment, in the following resource books:

Hands-on Chemistry Experiments (Grades 3-5)
DK - Kitchen Science (with over 50 fantastic experiments)
CD 7323 - Hands-on Chemistry
Usborne - Big Book of Science Experiments

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