Free Scientific Method Worksheet

One of our first lessons in Chemistry this year, was a review of the Scientific Method.   Once the kids understood this sequence, they were able to apply it to all our experiments, not only for Chemistry, but for all areas of Science.

I've created this Experiment worksheet that follows the Scientific Method.   You can download the pdf version of it here.

To teach the Scientific Method, I used this lesson pack and file folder game.

Scientific Method
lesson pack and file folder game

This worksheet goes very well with these experiment planning set of worksheets:

1.  Supplies Needed   --  Kids document the material needed for each experiment
2.  Experiment Sketch  --  Kids create drawings of each experiment to reinforce understanding3.  Notes and Sketch  --  Use this page to add additional information and drawings
4.  Scientific Method Experiment log   --   Kids document the Scientific Method for each experiment (Observation, Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Results, Conclusion)
5.  Observation Log  --  Kids can document their observations for those experiments that take time to develop.

Experiment Planning
set of worksheets

Additionally, here are some 3-part flash cards to help teach the Scientific Method.

Scientific Method
3-part flash cards

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