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The Science eCamp enrollment through Supercharged Science is opening June 1st, but we were able to pre-register for the program.   The kids can't wait for eCamp to begin and I'm looking forward to receiving the supplies list so that I can start gathering the material we need for all the wonderful experiments we're going to do.   Be sure to check back regularly after June 1st as we will be sharing our Science adventures during eCamp!

Registration is closed at this time, but will re-open again for a very short period on Wednesday 05/22/1013.   Don't miss it!

Besides the Special Bonuses, the following areas will be covered in eCamp:

Aeronautics & Rocketry

We'll cover air pressure, the four aerodynamic forces, Bernoulli's principles, and flight dynamics concepts by:
  • Constructing stunt planes, hang gliders, bat kites, rotor kites
  • Build pneumatic rockets and chemical pop rockets
  • Play with the nitrogen atom itself as you uncover the physics of flight using Bernoulli's Principles for wing design!
  • Get your first two flight lessons from a real pilot
  • Advanced e-Camp includes chemical rocketry lessons with step-by-step launching instructions

Electricity & Magnetism

We'll cover electricity, conductivity, static charges, magnetism, and Maxwell's Electromagnetism Principles by:
  • Wire up circuits, relays, motors, lights, switches, and much more
  • Build homemade burglar alarms such as trip wires, stomp sensors, tilt sensors, magnetic reed switches, and the electric eye
  • Build a DC electric motor using a galvanometer and magnets
  • Create your very own flashlight laser tag to chase your friends around after dark, and the hair-trigger laser burglar alarm series
  • Advanced e-Camp includes a complete course to both analog and digital circuits and electronics
  • Advanced e-Camp also includes static alien detectors, touch-switch activated robots, soldering police sirens and doorknob touch alarms, wiring up FM transmitters so you can "bug" a room, and so much more!

Physics of Light, Sound, and Motion

We'll cover Newton's Physical Laws of Motion, light waves, sonic vibrations, resonance, acceleration, g-force, and one of the biggest leaps in all scientific history: how electricity and magnetism are linked to form light waves... all by:
  • Shattering laser beams
  • Building laser light shows
  • Splitting light waves into rainbow shadows
  • Constructing catapults
  • Discovering the perfect pitch to annoy your parents while you investigate sonic vibrations and resonance
  • Zoom around your own monster-size roller coaster track
  • Advanced e-Camp includes building a two-axis laser light show, riding music on laser beams, building battery-free radios, real working trebuchets, soda can engines powered entirely by steam, potato cannons, and more!

Astronomy & Astrophysics

Take an intergalactic tour of the universe without leaving your seat!
  • Discover massive black holes, spinning neutron stars, quasars, blazars, magnetars, supernovae, and more
  • Investigate why the sun regularly burps and spits fireballs into space and view solar flares
  • Learn how stars form, why they explode, and just how far away our nearest neighbor is in our galaxy
  • Sneak a peek through real telescopes and learn how they work
  • Summer star-gazing with binoculars
  • This class is presented in a non-evolution, non-creation viewpoint so everyone can participate
  • Advanced e-Camp includes telescope building and operations as well as several specialized astronomy projects for advanced students

Chemistry Lab

We'll cover chemical kinetics, phase shifts, the five states of matter, atoms, molecules, elements, different types of chemical reactions, and Le Châtelier's Equilibrium Principle:
  • Cross-link polymers to bubble up slimy substances
  • Create a substance that crawls up stairs
  • Experiment with phase shifts
  • Shake up solutions that change into a rainbow of colors
  • Turn your dad's coffee back into clear water
  • Grow colorful crystals
  • Stew up a chemical matrix of heat and ice reactions
  • Discover how to make hot icicles and supercooled liquids

Engineering & Technology: Robotics

We'll cover how to build a frame (chassis), add motors, sensors, wired remote controls, troubleshooting, and how to ask questions to find your own answers...just like a real scientist!
  • Construct a mechanized animal robot
  • Build a waterbot, jigglebot, and racecar
  • Learn to wire up motor circuits and remote controls
  • Build several zooming, hopping, swimming, wheeling, dancing robots that you invent yourself!
  • Over 20 different robots to build!
  • Advanced e-Camp includes building underwater submersible vehicles from plumbing parts, four different solar-powered robots from cell phones, and our brand-new Arduino robotics series!

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