A Science Lesson In Observation

We began our Science Curriculum this year with Real Science 4 Kids' Elementary Chemistry.  One of the main reasons why I like this program is because it introduces real science concepts in a simplified manner for young (Grade K-4) students.  Above all, it is written in such a way that the textbook can double as a "reader".

We already learned about the basic building blocks of matter, atoms, and molecules.  To supplement the text, I like to add experiments and activities to further reinforce the theory.  You can take a peek at our Aluminum Foil Exploration and Understanding Atoms and Molecules to see what I mean.

The lesson today focused on Observation (the first step in the Scientific Method).  We gathered a variety of items that we have collected on the table and to get the kids' creative "observation" juices flowing, I blind-folded each of them and had them identify various items only by touch.   They had to distinguish between rough, smooth, hard, soft, squishy, prickly, and other characteristics.

Next, we each picked our favorite object, drew a picture of it and after observing and studying the object carefully, some descriptive words were added.

Of course we couldn't let an opportunity pass us by to pull out our dandy digital hand-held microscope.  The kids explored all the objects from various angles and were able to "observe" everything up-close and enlarged on our TV screen.

Below are some of the images that they've captured.

The Downy Barbs of a Feather

The Shaft of a Feather

A Smooth Rock

The Bark of a Tree

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