Storing School Work

Figuring out how to organize and store the kids' completed homeschool work is just one of the many challenges of homeschooling.    My main objectives are to organize completed work in such a way that I can easily access it in the future, but also doing it as cost effective as possible.
Since most work texts are printed from the computer, I keep the active work in binders, but binders are expensive and I would like to reuse them next year.

I've come up with a creative solution this year that is working quite splendidly for us.

As the kids completed their work throughout the year, I moved the completed pages from the binders and used book rings to keep the pages together, thereby freeing up the binders.  Then I just added more and more pages as we progressed through each subject.  

For some subjects I've had to switch to the larger book rings when the books became very thick.  

I created custom covers for the various subjects and printed them on cardstock for extra strength.   To identify different categories or work texts within a subject, I used tabs that you can glue on or I made custom tabs with little post-it notes.

By doing this throughout the year, I had very little to do at the end.   When all was done, I finalized the "books" by removing the book rings and replacing them with colorful ribbons. 

We kept all the books out for a few weeks to marvel at, and for other curious family members and friends to look at. Then I gathered all the books with all other workbooks, lapbooks, art, etc.  and stored everything in a labeled banker's box.

This was such a fun and easy way to organize the extensive work texts that I plan to do this again next year when I will have 3 kids' work to organize, each with their own color ribbon.

Regarding the specific book rings:  I bought 2 sizes book rings in packs of 100 figuring that I will most likely be using them all with 3 kids:

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