"A" attended a live Astrophysics Tele-Class today. He learned more about the 6 planets in our solar system, the sun and solar flares, the pistol star (the largest known star), various galaxies (such as the Whirlpool Galaxy, Sombrero Galaxy, etc.), various nebulas (such as the Crab Nebula, Ring Nebula, etc.), collapsing stars and supernovas.

Homeschooling students from all over the world tuned in as we studied Astrophysics. And this was no boring class where we had to listen to a dry teacher reciting facts in a monotone. No! This class was presented by Aurora Lipper, an enthusiastic rocket scientist and mechanical engineer who became a pilot at age 17, worked on rockets and jets at NASA while she was in highschool and college, and taught Engineering at Cal Poly State University. Aurora is an enthusiastic science junkie with a unique ability to transfer her love for science to students.

We did an experiment to demonstrate Supernova Explosions,
and how energy is transferred from one object to another.

Then we learned about Black Holes and the physics behind them.

Another experiment using a metal ball and magnet demonstrated the gravitational force of a black hole, and especially the event horizon, or "point of no return".

Below are just a few slides from the tele-class.

Did you learn these things in school? How about learning it in first Grade?

Homeschooling sure is fun! 

Source:   SuperCharged Science
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